What is the Primary Function of the Cremaster Muscle

Knowing the function of every muscle in your body requires a lot of skill and professional experience in the medical field. Of course, most people know about the major muscles such as biceps and triceps, because they have gained popularity due to the sport of bodybuilding. However, there are far more important muscles in our body that are working at all times and you don’t even realize that. In this article, we want to talk about one of those special muscles that are essential for us humans to exist. That’s right the cremaster muscle is essential for our existence. How, you might ask, well let us explain it so you can understand. First of all, you need to know about the cremaster muscle that females don’t have it, only males.

The cremaster muscle is located in the area of the male productive organ. To be more specific about it, it is the muscle that surrounds the testicles. The main reason why you haven’t heard about this muscle is that nobody really cares about it until something goes terribly wrong with it. However, we think that you should know more about this unique muscle because it does things for you that you are not even aware of. If you are ready to get your mind blown by this muscle, then continue reading because soon we will be explaining in detail what is the primary function of this muscle.

Maintaining the Proper Temperature

Primary Function of the Cremaster MuscleA lot of people would say that this muscle has the primary function of protecting the testicles and they wouldn’t be that far from the truth. This muscle does protect your testicles, but not from direct physical damage as you might know. If a man gets hit in his testicles he will be experiencing extreme pain and that proves this muscle doesn’t protect it that way. So, which way does this cremaster muscle protect your testicles, well, its main purpose is to protect the sperm that is inside the testicles by providing the right temperature. This might sound weird, but in order for a man to produce sperm which is required to reproduce, the testicles need to be at a certain temperature level.

That is one of the key reasons why the testicles are located outside of your body, they need to cool off and the body temperature isn’t quite perfect for sperm to produce. What this muscle does is very unique, it is constantly moving your testicles according to the temperature. For example, if the testicles are too hot, the muscle will release in order to cool them off. In case it gets too cold, the testicles will come up close to your body to absorb the body temperature.

Essential Muscle

As mentioned above, you can live without other muscles such as your biceps, in fact, you can live without your entire arm, but we wouldn’t exist if the muscle called cremaster was missing because we wouldn’t be able to reproduce. It is a very valuable part of your body that you should protect more.