What Can be the Cause of Broken Blood Vessel and Numbness in My Ring Finger

If you are experiencing some health issues that are described as broken blood vessels in your finger, then you are in the right place to find the best solution to your problem. First of all, we would like to say that experiencing broken blood vessels is quite a common thing especially with elderly people because their skin is much more fragile, and the vessels are much thinner. Of course, this can happen to anybody and the reason why it happens can be different from person to person, so you should never rely on information that isn’t coming directly from your doctor. What we are suggesting with this is that you should always visit your doctor if you have some broken blood vessel and numbness in your fingers. You never know what might have caused it, even if it was an injury you should visit your doctor to get some further examination.

One of the other symptoms that you will most likely experience with broken blood vessels is some numbness in your fingertips. It is very common to have both broken a blood vessel and numbness in your fingers at the same time because the blood is causing the numbness. There are even some cases where this happens to only one of the fingers and it is the ring finger. If you would like to find out more about this, we suggest you continue reading this article.

Physical Trauma or Medical Condition

Broken blood vessel fingerThe two most common reasons why you can experience broken blood vessels in your fingers is either physical trauma or some serious medical condition. As for the trauma, we would like to give a perfect example, if you are wearing a tight ring on your ring finger and your blood vessels are breaking, then you need to take immediate action and remove the ring. As silly as it sounds, it is actually a very common reason for this type of bleeding and numbness. However, if all of your fingers have broken blood vessels, then there might be a different reason behind this and you definitely need to visit your doctor.

The sooner you visit your doctor, the sooner you can start some treatment for your fingers and the numbness will go away much faster. With numb fingers, you cannot do a lot of things because you don’t have complete motion. This will keep you away from your work and that can cost you your job.