Day Treatment

Our Day Treatment Program meets Monday through Friday for 6 hours per day including a weekly family group. Our treatment plan is usually based upon 5 weeks.

We strongly believe that group therapies are especially efficient because you get the full support of your family or the other people who are going through the same issues. Getting sober and starting a new lifestyle is much easier with support and with professional guidance and you can get both of those things at the Eleventh Hour.

The 6 hours per day is divided into 2 parts, a process group, and an education group. The process group allows you to share your thoughts and feelings. The group is designed to give each other feedback and encourage one another through the recovery process. The education group is intended to educate you about addiction, develop coping skills and to complete a relapse prevention plan. You will have various assignments to complete, such as a 30 and 90–Day Recovery Plan, First Step, Recovery Workbook and a detailed weekly schedule for sobriety. You are required to attend a minimum of three AA/NA meetings a week with proof of participation provided to the counselor.

Another crucial treatment component is family participation. You are encouraged to bring family members or others who are supportive of your recovery process. Together, you and your support people learn to communicate effectively with each other. Families are able to process through past hurts, fears, and resentments, which usually affect recovering families.