How Broken Blood Vessel in Finger Effects on Numbness

Finding the right information about some health issues on the internet is not that easy as it may sound. If you ever tried it before, then you could relate because there are a lot of different articles and websites that are giving out false or useless information about some disease or symptoms. Unlike those websites we are offering something completely different, we are providing our visitors with completely professional information about various health-related topics. That’s right we are not only focusing on one type of disorders or symptoms, we are well rounded, and we have the experience and the knowledge to cover a lot of different topics that are health related. Therefore, if you were looking for a great website to find helpful and professional information about health, then you are in the right place. In this particular article, we are going to focus on a broken blood vessel in finger and numbness in that area.

The reason why we have decided to talk about these specific symptoms is that we were constantly getting questions about them and we couldn’t find a current answer anywhere on the internet. You are lucky if you want to educate yourself about broken blood vessels in your fingers and the numbness that comes with it because we are going to talk about this very detailed. If you think that we have missed something, please feel free to tell us because we like hearing the feedback from our visitors.

Bleeding into the skin

When it comes to broken blood vessels, a lot of people don’t really realize what happened and they don’t have the right answer. Well, if you are one of those people, there is no need to feel bad because we are here to educate you about everything. Most likely you have had previous experiences with broken blood vessels somewhere in your body and there is no need to start panicking once you experience it. Of course, that is unless there is severe pain involved and you need immediate help. So, let’s start by explaining what really happens when the blood vessels burst under your skin. It is quite simple to understand, those blood vessels are bursting underneath your skin and they are creating small red lines or just simple redness under the skin because their blood has escaped from the vessels.

There are many different reasons why these blood vessels can burst underneath your skin and cause the redness, but the most common reason is some type of physical injury of the body. However, bleeding into your skin can also be a very good indicator that you have some quite serious medical condition, and in that case, you have to seek immediate medical treatment. How can you know if you have a medical condition, well it is quite simple, if the bleeding wasn’t caused by some injury, then that can be the first sign. We strongly suggest that if you ever experience some bleeding underneath your skin that wasn’t caused by an injury that you immediately go to a doctor for a quick check-up.

Common Causes of Bursting Vessels

Blood VesselWe have been talking about this above, but we want to give you as much information about this as we can in order to help you completely understand the situation. As mentioned, the most common way of bursting your blood vessels is by an injury. If you fall or run into some hard object and you get bruises afterward, then you shouldn’t worry that much because that is a normal reaction of your body to the trauma. That type of bleeding into the skin should fade away in a couple of days or weeks. Also, one common reason for this type of bleeding is the simple process of aging.

That’s right, you might not want to accept this, but you are not getting any younger and your body is changing as time goes by. If you are an older person, it is quite normal to get this type of bleeding under the skin. Your blood vessels are becoming thinner and thinner as you age, and they can get really fragile. If you are not careful with your body you will start experiencing all kinds of bruising.

Most Common Areas for Broken Blood Vessels

In case you have never experienced any bleeding into your skin, then you might be interested to know what the most common spots on your body are where they broken blood vessels can appear. The most commonly affected areas on your body are the ones where your skin is constantly exposed to pressure. Therefore, one of these spots is actually on the fingertips and on the legs. As you might have seen we wanted to dedicate this article to talking about finger blood vessel bursting and that is exactly what we are going to do now. If you had never broken blood vessels in your fingers, then the easiest way to explain the feeling is constant numbness in your fingertips. There are many reasons why this happens one of them is constant stress on your fingers or some medical condition.

Broken Blood VesselMostly this isn’t caused by an injury and that’s why we strongly suggest that you visit your doctor if this happens to you. You should definitely not make the mistake of ignoring this bleeding into your skin because it won’t go away that fast or it may cause other health-related issues. It is not worth risking your overall health, the smartest decision is to go get checked out by a professional just to make sure you are healthy. As for the numbness, well it will eventually fade away, but the first couple days you will definitely experience some comfort in your fingers.


In conclusion, we would like to say that no matter how healthy you think you are, if you happened to experience any type of broken blood vessels, visit your doctor for further information. You never know what might be happening inside your body and this can be one of the first signs that you should never ignore.